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£99.99  (Additional page + £29.99 each)

Keywords that your customers use when searching, bring them to your website. Back linking from relevant sites with variants of keyword terms in your anchor text, does play a part in the ranking of web pages.

So, what I can do for your company is analyse your competition and:

  • Show you your 3 main competitors in Google and tell you where you and they rank for a keyword or landing page for 3 different pages that you choose.
  • Tell you the amount of anchor text used from external links to those web pages, so you can see a number next to each keyword, which will show you the linking strategies.
  • Show you around 9 other keywords that all your competitors are using to target those pages.
  • Give you a list of every site that your 3 competitors have ever linked from.
  • Give you ALL the raw data for every single keyword used and how often.

The report you will be given

So, what you will be presented with is an Excel Spreadsheet, for each of the 3 landing pages showing:

  • A 1 page report per landing page/ keyword showing you and your 3 competitors, 3 pages in total.
  • All the metrics that show how competitive your competitors are online like, total links, root domain links, domain authority and more.
  • Around 10 keywords on the main report showing you how often the keywords have appeared in anchor text in back links.
  • 2 other worksheets with raw data for all links and anchor text used.

Once you see the report, you'll be presented with facts and figures that visibly show you where you stand in relation to your competitors.

You will also be able to see correlations between links and page & domain authority. You can also look at the links and see if quality links really are giving them the domain authority that their site deserves.

WARNING: This report is not intended for you to jump on all the websites and get 1000 links from them in a week. This WILL get you banned from Google’s search index. It is to be used to form your own online strategy. You may even decide to go after different keywords if the competition is too great.

Your current website

Please note that if your site has had a Google penalty in the past from the likes of a Panda update then the chances are that you may have a lot of poor quality content on your site. This is one issue you need to address now, before doing anything else. Also, If you have been caught somehow for having links in bad neighbourhoods then you will need to remove these straight away.

So, if you have a site that you are proud of then the report I can produce for you will give you direction.

If you’re interested in this service then you can contact me here or send me an email to and we can talk about what you need.

This service is only available to reputable/legal companies. If you are selling viagra, porn, poker chips or miracle pills then this service is not available to you. My decision is final.


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