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Data ManipulationData Manipulation

From time to time, you find yourself with a load of data that you need to do something with quickly but are sometimes lacking the idea or tools to manipulate it. Well, now your troubles are over (well hopefully) as you will see some possible solutions for manipulating and using your data below.

Sections in this article

SEOMOZ offline crawl analyser

If you find it hard look at the crawl report data extract from SEOMOZ then just download the database below and print out all the report sections in a readable format! You will need Microsoft Access 2002 or above to use the database.

Reports Screen

Download: SEOMOZ offline data analyser database

Open multiple URLs from Excel

This sheet was created so that you can open multiple URLs from excel in your web browser at the click of a button. A possible use for this is if you want to see how many of the sites still exist, very useful for checking to see if submission directories are still there!

Open URLs in Excel

Download: Open URLS from Excel


Strip URLs back down to sub/root domain level

Striping URLs back down to their sub/root domain form is necessary when you want to compare 2 separate lists of domains that need a relationship between the 2 columns. A good use for this would be to compare your website's backlinks against all the submission directories that have been blacklisted by Google.

A simple way to do this would be to use the sheet to strip the URLs then put the data into Microsoft Access and compare the 2 tables of data for matches. If you need a database for doing this then let me know.

Strip URLs

Download: Strip URLs


HTAccess Concatenator

This spreadsheet will allow you to paste in your current URLs that you want directing to a new URL. With the click of a button, the text that you need to place inside your HTAccess file will be generated.

HTAccess Concatenator

Download: HTAccess Concatenator

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