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Google personalised searchSpammy links to die in 2012

The purpose of this article is to tell you why you should adjust your backlinking strategy (Published 09/01/2012).

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Content farms took a hammering last year now it’s time to focus attention on who is dishing out link love. This has to be Google’s next course of action. Google spent the whole of last year tidying up on page SEO and content issues and now it’s time to focus on off page SEO, and it’s about time too.


Off page SEO

Off page SEO in its cleanest form is inbound marketing. Off page SEO to most SEOs is aggressive low quality link building. I’ve seen many sites rank highly for purely anchor text in hundreds of links, even though the destination page has nothing to do with the link or anchor text, a major floor in the system!

This year I can see Google starting to discredit these links if they are not coming from the right neighbourhood or a related source. I don’t think you’ll get any kind of formal penalty just a lost in rankings as links to your site become no longer relevant.

The solution is simple. Google will possibly bring out their next major algorithm update in April. Now’s the time to serious adjust your link building strategy. Do away with 5 PR blog comments for £xx and do something that will benefit your visitors and bring them to the site!

Quality link building not only makes your site more credible but producing things like link bait, will make people start linking to you! Also answer questions on Q&A sites and link to your site if it holds the solution to the person’s question or just leave links in relevant placers those potential customers will want to click on.

Going forward, rel=”nofollow” links may start to hold more weight as these kind of links currently don’t hold much value in the terms of passing link juice to pages and building link profiles, but, these types of links are generally less scammy than all the DO follow links that SEO link builders pine after.

Google’s magic keyword is QUALITY. How much quality do you have in your inbound links? Do you have a least one in the hundreds that are coming to your site? If not. Now might be the right time to get some quality ones to maintain your SERPs!

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